Flock2 brings you HamStar – a fun, quirky game demanding quick reactions and the inner strength to put it down. Combining the playful side of a physics game with a frustratingly addictive edge – you’ll have to act fast if you’re going to help Elmo the hamster escape the confines of his cage.

Elmo’s story

Elmo’s the last hamster left in his cage, and he’s relying on you to get him out. As he drifts along in his Heliball, it’s down to you to swipe him in the right direction. Pop the star balloons to earn points and reveal over 65 levels of pet shop fun – but pop the red balloons and you’ll face the consequences.

With obstacles like the hamster wheel and falling toys getting in the way, you’ll need to have your wits about you if you’re going to help this lonely hamster find freedom.


✯ Elmo and his cute friends
✯ Over 60 fun-filled levels
✯ 2D physics
✯ Hours of frustrating fun (unless you’ve taken to it like a hamster to a wheel)
✯ Earn HamStar Achievements
✯ Game centre support

Please note:
We recommend you have at least a 3GS or similar! Supports full retina graphics!

Can’t get enough of HamStar?

If you want to talk hamsters, need technical support or have any other queries, just drop us an email at hello@hamstargame.com

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