Hamburger Shop Lite


The classic Hamburger Shop game is back and better than ever. In this new enhanced version you can compete against your friends to try to have the most popular burger joint in town.

In order to outdo your competitors you need to be smart, innovative with your menus and take care of the basics – such as always maintaining a clean shop!

You can also boost your income by visiting your friends’ shops and choose to either help them or sabotage their business! The more friends you have, the greater the chance for profit!

Pit your wits against your friends in this fun game and see who will end up with the most profitable burger shop.

-Social gaming network mode allows you to compete with and interact with friends and make new friends.
-Many new features that allow you to not only run your own shop, but also affect your friends’ businesses – Help them out by doing favors or be mean and sabotage their profits and play practical jokes on them!
-Same style of cute, charming graphics and music as the original Hamburger Shop game
-Huge variety of wild and wacky in-game props to keep you amused and entertained.
-Suitable for all age groups

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