Playing a game on your iPhone will never be the same again. Because Halloween is here to empower you with the thrill of actual adventure!
Halloween is tour de force that will captivate your wildest gaming experience. This is a brain teasing physics game just made for complete entertainment. The game play is simple, but intelligent logic plays a great role in completing this game.

Halloween is all about fighting the evil objects and regaining supremacy. There are evil objects and Halloween in the game play. You can transform your Halloween into spherical shape and help it by pushing the evil object to death. The challenge is to control your Halloween’s movement by transforming back into a square shape.

Your brain will be put into the ultimate test of reflex action. Your reflex response will decide the fate of the game.

The objective of the game is to destroy the enemies’ i.e brown Square by making them to roll down with the help of Red Halloween. Transform the Red Square into sphere of death and roll them against the enemies. If you fail to stop the red Square on time, it can leap to death.


● 30 challenging levels with exciting game play
● Cool inspired music and amazing sound effects
● Tap to transform the Square to Sphere and sphere back to Square
● Integrated both Game Center & OpenFeint

Use your strategy skills to make a plan, and then turn Square to Sphere or Sphere to Square to destroy all enemies from the screen.

If you are looking for an impeccable game, the choice was never easier than Halloween.

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