Halloween Wizard

***Note: Halloween Wizard minimum requirements: iPhone 4+, iPad 2+ or iPod Touch 4th Gen+ !***

***Also optimized for iPhone 5’s resolution!***

Halloween wizard has been created with Unreal Engine 3.5!

Have you ever wanted to be a wizard? Have you ever wanted to cast spells? Now you can! Just play Halloween wizard!

You are the Wizard of Halloween and you’re fighting against the angry pumpkins and skulls. You have 3 spells with different capabilities: A lightning spell which is a huge destroyer, a small and week Fireball and a fast Arcane bolt. But watch out! Your mana can run out fast if you’re not accurate! For more information Play the game!:)


-3 spells to cast: Fireball, Lightning and Arcane bolt
-7 different levels with unlimited gameplay
-Creepy music
-Easy control: Just swipe your finger from bottom to where you want to shoot the spell!
-Nice Graphics

For more information and support visit:

I Hope you’ll enjoy my game!

Have Fun!:)

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