Half-Inch Heist

“Another solid retro homage, made even more appealing by the fact that it’s free.” – Modojo.com

“Once you dial in your finger movements to muscle memory, you’ll start to enjoy the charm of this little game” – arcadesushi.com

“You had me at lazerpussy” – tonythetiger1 (reddit.com)


Action packed diamond heisting on a tiny scale.

The evil Dr Puss has stolen a priceless diamond, and only you can get it back! Venture into the depths of Dr Puss’ security vault and test your mettle as you dodge his deadly army of enemies, hell-bent on making sure you never leave with the diamond alive.

Half-Inch Heist will test your reflexes, reactions and endurance as you battle to stay alive. Each level brings a new challenge, guarded by diabolical bosses including LazerPussy, Pork Hammer and Skullatron.

It pays homage to the arcade games of old, featuring beautiful pixel graphics and a hand-crafted soundtrack.

Half-Inch Heist is the ultimate test of skill and endurance. Free for iPhone and iPad.

Half-Inch Heist Review

In Half-Inch Heist, the evil Dr. Puss has stolen a priceless diamond, and it's up to you to steal it back. The game kicks off as you break open the display case and grab hold of the diamond. Dr. Puss has installed a doozy of a security system, and the moment you touch the screen, all hell breaks loose. First, cannons emerge from the walls to shoot missiles at the diamond. To dodge them, all Read More →