HA-NAVI -fireworks display-

Set off fireworks by tapping on them.
You can enjoy fireworks anytime you want!

[How to play]
1. Firework shells fly up randomly. Tap them to explode.
– The number at the top right of the screen is the number of times you can tap.

2. Tap fireworks to make chain reactions.
– Shells also explode when the sparks of fireworks touch off them.
– Creating chains increases points♪

3. Set off fireworks to achieve a target score.
– You need to achieve a target score to reach a new level.
– After that, you will go on to the next level of stage.

4. The game ends when the number at the top right of the screen turns to zero.
– Press [Retry] to try again.

★Making chain reactions increases the number of times you can tap.
– The number increases when many chains are made.

[Chain MODE]
After you clear Level 10, [Chain MODE] will be added.
Tap a firework shell only one time.
You need to make chains to increase the number of times for tapping.
Try to create chains as many as possible!

The game supports online ranking.
You can be a great fireworks artist who makes many chains!

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