H20 Polo

*** H2O Polo – the very first water polo video game that simulates the actual sport in Appstore ***

It is long overdue, but finally the water polo audience has a chance to virtually experience one of the oldest and toughest sports. Specific in nature due to being contained and played in the pool, water polo has been constrained to any other experience but the real one. H2O Polo is a virtual extension of the sport. It serves as an introduction to what every water polo player believes is “the greatest sport ever.”

WATER POLO: the stamina of a marathon, the contact of hockey, the
strategy of chess….
Is chlorine in your perfume? Does it smell like victory? Then you’re an

Je parle de water polo
Hablo de polo aquatico
Ja govorim vaterpolo
Ich spreche wasserball
Io parlo pallanuoto
Jeg snakker vaterpolo
Beszelek vizilabda
I speak water polo

Please remember that support brings updates and upgrades

*Choice of Twelve national teams – 5 European teams plus USA and
Australia based on success at last European Championships and size of the
* Two difficulty levels – Hard and Normal
* Tutorial – it instructs you how to play game
* Choice Indoor or Outdoor pool
* 4 regular 7 minutes quarters
* 4 tactical variations – 3 offensive and 3 defensive plus man-up and man-
* Sound effects
* 3D graphics

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