FOR: iPhone4, iPhone4S and 3GS, iPod 3 (32&64Gb only), iPod4, BUT:
->If you have an iPad/iPad2, there is a SPECIFIC App: H-ELITE for iPad !!!

We would like to thank all H-ELITE players, who constantly give ideas for new features on our facebook page. It is particularly exciting to make this simulator evolve constantly, in respect with your wishes.

-> 9 civil and military helicopters.
-> No arcade compromise.
-> Same software technology as in full flight simulators.
-> Extremely realistic flight dynamics model.
-> Realistic cyclic, collective , tail rotor pitch control.
-> Comprehensive Head-Up-Display.
-> Realistic autopilot and weapon system.
-> Articulated cannon and heat-seeking missiles.
-> Free flight, challenges and missions.
-> Frequent updates and active online support through Facebook page.


This App is only for:
-iPhone 4
-iPhone 4S
-iPhone 3GS
-iPod touch 3rd generation 32GB & 64GB
-iPod touch 4th generation

9 choppers are now available:
– AH 64D Apache Longbow.
– CH53.
– TOP SECRET Silent Hawk (revealed in Geronimo special operation)
– EC 665 Tiger
– EC 665 Tiger, stealth version for special operations.
– EC 550 C3 Fennec.
– B206L Long Ranger.
– AW 139.
– EC 725 Caracal.

The simulator:
H-ELITE is the most realistic combat helicopter simulator available on the iPhone today. Its features include:
* Accurate and realistic flight dynamics model based on blade element theory
* Comprehensive Head-Up-Display which even allows IFR flying (flying by instruments)
* Integrated weapons systems, with stabilized cannon and heat-seeking missiles
* Autopilot (Hover and Attitude hold)
* Navigation system with flight plan and waypoints
* Multiple cameras and view points (user selectable, on the fly)
* Intelligent opposing forces including Surface-to-Air-Missiles, helicopters and submarines
* Easy mode: a simplified control set so that you can get flying immediately even if you are not an expert pilot yet.

The scenario:
Recken Island has been taken by insurgents. Suit up and get ready to take off in your combat helicopter. You will need all of its destructive capabilities to get the situation under control!

The game:
Choose your combat helicopter and fly through 10 challenges where your skills will be tested as you practice air to air combat, land on carriers, fly through bad weather and much more!
You will then need to use all your capabilities to complete the 5 missions that will result in the liberation of Recken Island! You will have to fly deep into enemy territory in difficult conditions and take out enemy aircrafts with your cannon and heat-seeking missiles.
Your helicopter can also be flown in free flight mode where you are free to explore the scenery, fly through canyons and practice take offs and landings on oilrigs, helipads and more!

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You need to install the latest IOS for your iPhone or iPod if you want H-ELITE to run properly.

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