Gunner HD

Ranked in the Top 5 iPad games in Germany, Taiwan, Japan and Canada!

Ranked in the Top 10 iPad Games in the UK, NZ and Austria!

Ranked in the top 10 games in the UK!

Asteroids of the 21st Century. A completely new spin on a true arcade classic!

As a young gunner recruit deep in outer space, you must prove yourself. Defend your ship from an endless barrage of asteroids, hurtling ever closer and ever faster! Shoot down awesome power-ups to help obliterate asteroids, shoot wicked defence mechanisms to reinforce your guns, and avoid nasty “power-downs” that will ultimately lead to your demise!

Then mine crystals that break off destroyed asteroids, and trade these in for a wide variety of upgrades and supplies. Complete a huge variety of fun and quirky achievements to earn rank promotions, unlock new missions and receive AWESOMELY HUGE crystal rewards.

Spend crystals and earn promotions to unlock and purchase valuable ship upgrades and power ups, which will come in super handy as you blast through wave after wave of destruction! And after all that, if you find you still want even MORE crystals even FASTER, then our convenient Crystal Shop is open around the clock to serve you.

Finally, invite your friends or hire mercenaries to join your squadron, for bonus crystal rewards EVERY mission. Then prepare to compete for global domination!

Over 90 upgrades available!
Over 100 awesome achievements!
Over 25 unique power ups!
1 Trigger Happy Chicken!

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