Gunman is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Gunman App Turns iPhone Camera into an Assassin’s Rifle

A new ‘augmented reality’ game called Gunman uses the iPhone’s camera as the scope of a high powered rifle and lets you create a hitman’s shootout between you and a friend. All you need to do is specify the color of your friend’s shirt and Gunman will recognize them as your target. Whoever gets the most hits in the specified time limit wins. Tapping the screen fires your rifle and shaking your device reloads with a satisfying ‘Chuck-Chack’ sound.

To create Gunman’s color recognizing tech, developer Shadowforce took thousands of pictures of 5 different colors of shirts in different lighting settings and broke the properties of each color into the measurable categories. This allows accurate hit detection in any lighting condition, even registering hits of white shirts in yellow light. All you need to do is put your buddy in your cross hairs and tap the fire button.

Find your friends. Then shoot them.

Even better, Gunman encourages you to snipe Ashton Kutcher. In order to get onto Gunman’s leaderboards, you need to snipe people from Shadowforce’s Hit List, a short list that includes stars Michael Cera and Ryan Seacrest, as well as rapper 50 Cent and Perez Hilton. Basically, you need to get pictures of these people, with them in the crosshairs. The leader board is sparsely populated, most likely because 50 Cent may return fire with a real weapon.

Gunman will eventually feature achievements and new weapons like semi-automatic guns and grenades. You can also save your favorite shots as pictures and, as the website says, ‘make their shame eternal’ by uploading them onto twitter. So grab your ghillie suit and your iPhone and get some headshots on your closest loved ones and most loathed celebrities.