Guide pour Dofus

Need help in the MMORPG Dofus ©?
Want to know how XP your characters quickly and make a lot of Kamas?
>> Do not hesitate! This application is for you!


★★★★★ “This guide is very useful when you don’t know how to xp your character. I followed some advice and in one weekend I made up my character xp x2 Lvl 180″

★★★★★ “Great app for Dofus players. For low levels as for high levels.”

★★★★★ “Brilliant! With this application I don’t need to look for tips on the web or in my Dofus Mag to know how xp my characters! Yeah.”


Through a system of sharing and exchanging between Dofus’ players, you will find:
• More than 2,000 tips for all levels
• New tips published every day
• A guide for xp your characters
• A guide for xp your jobs

With a new system of research, rating tips, favorites, custom display preferences, etc..

With Guide for Dofus next to you, never play Dofus will have been such a pleasure! :)


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