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Heads Up! new Party Game !

‘CelebParty Heads Up’ App Launch !
a Amazing Party Game for teams of two or more players.


— Total Logos Game!
— Logos All in One !
1. Logos Quiz
2. Logos Matching
3. Logos Finds

— More Than 600 Famous Brands!

— Logos Quiz
14 Levels (More Than 370)
Unique Alphabet arrange (Level 1~6) !

— Logos Matching
Classic Card Matching Game with Logos !

— Logos Finds
Find Hidden Brands ! Fun & exciting !
More Than 500 Brands & iPhone App.

— Hints & Answers System !
(Not Resolve Stars System!) 

— Serveral Answers
Coke, Coca-Cola, cocacola (O) 
Skoda, Škoda, skoda (O)

— Play with Friends! Ask Friends !
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— support

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