How well do you know your friends? Find it out with Guessbook!

Guessbook asks you questions about your Facebook friends in a quiz based format. Think you know it all when it comes to your Facebook friends? Guessbook will put things in perspective. Based on the status updates, photos, comments, likes, tags and more, Guessbook will randomly ask you fascinating questions about your friends.

Questions will be asked along with four options/friend names provided. Pick the correct friend from the given options and you will find your scores adding up. Time is also a factor in the scores allocated for each correct answer.


✔ Get 3 stars for every friend and fill up the friend meter, only if you completely know everything about the friend
✔ Be quick to earn more points
✔ Amazing sounds at every instant of the game
✔ Randomly generated questions provided instantly
✔ Share your scores with your Facebook friends and impress them
✔ Use helpers if required


Being completely integrated with Facebook, Guessbook already knows all about your friends. By asking you questions, Guessbook checks how well you know a friend and provides ratings based on that. Compare high scores with friends, keep progressing through levels as you gain momentum and check your friend map all in Guessbook for iOS.


Get Guessbook now for FREE and see how much you know about your beloved friends right now.

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