Guessagram LT

Guessagram LT is the lite version of Guessagram.

Guessagram is a guessing game that incorporates your friends Instagram pictures.

The game is simple:

You will be presented with one of your friend’s Instagram pictures and four of your friends usernames.

Its up to you to guess which one of your friends took the picture. After guessing who took the picture you can click on it to open that picture in Instagram.

Guessagram will also keep track of your right and wrong answers and compare you to your friends.

SHAKE is a cool Guessagram feature that presents you with a 3×4 grid of your friend’s Instagram pictures. Shaking your phone will cause this grid to refresh. Double tapping any of the pictures will open that picture in Instagram.

Beyond being a fun guessing game, Guessagram is a new way to check out your friend’s Instagram pictures old and new.

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