The ultimate celebrity quiz app for fans!

Test your recognition of world-famous stars and celebrities from music, film, sports, entertainment, politics and lifestyle!

“GUESS WHO’S THE STAR” gives you 10 seconds to guess the pixelated stars before they appear clearly at full resolution. The sooner you recognize the star, the more points you get!   Be faster than your friends and outscore them in the world rankings!

The highlights of the game:
· More than 700 international stars
· Celebrities from film, music, sports, entertainment, politics and lifestyle
· From George Clooney to Sophia Loren, Lady Gaga to Stevie Wonder, Boris Becker to Muhammad Ali
· Plus: Bonus round after every level
· Global leaderboard with all GUESS WHO’S THE STAR – Players
· Direct Wikipedia links to learn about the star
· Comprehensive statistics on your success
· Functional and stylish design
· Specially composed game music

Languages​​: English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese

From iOS 5.0

Optimized for: iPhone 5, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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