Guess The Picture: The addicting puzzle game!

Woohoo!! (FREE) Guess The Picture is the newest and most addicting, free, turn-based game to hit the itunes store!

Pick a theme and then go go go!

Each round you’ll be presented with 3 new pictures. Each picture will be completely covered by tiles that get removed, one by one, until the entire picture is shown.

Guess what’s behind the tiles faster (that’s right, “we’re timing you”) than your opponent and win gold coins, and more importantly, feel like the coolest kid on the block.

Lots of picture themes to choose from:

★ Movie Celebrities
★ Music Celebrities
★ Television Celebrities
★ Animals
★ Nature
★ Sports
★ Transportation
★ Food
★ And more!

Think you know more celebrities than your friend? Prove it by choosing one of the celebrity categories, and guess the pictures faster than them!

Are you a lover of food? Pick the food category and dominate!

Watch a lot of sports? Choose the sports category and whip up on your opponent.

We’re constantly adding new categories and features, so we’d love to hear from you.

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Thanks for playing Guess The Picture!

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