Guess That Rhyme

Guess That Rhyme is a word game for all ages. Guess That Rhyme is very easy to play and addictively fun.

Guess That Rhyme appeals to those who consider themselves wordsmiths, aspiring musicians, grammaticians, lovers of the English language, masters of word games, crossword hounds, and so much more.

Guess That Rhyme can be used as an educational tool for learning spelling and rhyming. Using an advanced rhyme engine, Guess That Rhyme includes over 200,000 english words in its database. All these rhymes are accessible at the tap of your finger.

Guess That Rhyme will provide a perfect amount of entertainment and improve your rhyming skills. Guess That Rhyme is the ideal companion game for going to the DMV, shopping with the family, jury duty, TV commercials, and any situation when you have a few minutes of free time.

Guess That Rhyme is quite simple to play: Upon launch, a player sees a random word on the screen. The player has 20 seconds to find a rhyming word and press the “submit” button. If the player is correct they are able to move forward to the next word.

As the player continues entering words, Guess That Rhyme becomes progressively more difficult. The player is shown rarer words which have less rhyme pairs. It is the goal of the player to find a word that rhymes with the displayed word as quickly as possible! The player gets points for how quickly they can come up with a rhyming word and how long the word they submit is.

The Guess That Rhyme team believes that games should be fun, fair, and a little enlightening.
We hope you enjoy Guess That Rhyme as much as we enjoyed building it. The Guess That Rhyme team is based in Portland, Oregon and you can contact them at With your help, we hope to make Guess That Rhyme the new king of rhyming games.

We built Guess That Rhyme using the latest versions of XCode and Adobe Illustrator. Guess That Rhyme is written natively for iPhone and iPod touch using Objective-C.

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