Guess Spade

(Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds) Spadespotting

Spadespotting is a fairly popular solitaire game in China. Some lucky guy once won 1,000,000 coins bet with 2000 bank roll. Now who has the best hand on this planet? Try how many coins can you earn with 2000? Our system will automatically show your scores in the GameCenter, where you can see your rankings among your friends.
Rules: before the game, you should bet on the suit respectively, i.e. Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds and Jokers, then click start button to flop a card randomly, whose bet coins will be doubled according to its suit odds.
Suit odds:
Spades: quadruple,
Hearts: quadruple,
Clubs: triple,
Diamonds: triple,
Jokers: viguple.
The initial system will deposit 2000 coins,and whenever below 2000 coins, the system will automatically add 100 coins every 30 seconds.
Play coins in this solitaire cannot be cashed out for money or any goods.
With gambling contents, this solitaire typically provides players with a minimum age of 12.



花色赔率:黑桃:4倍 、红桃:4倍、梅花:3倍、方片:3倍、王:20倍。初始系统自动给2000币(coins),当小于2000币时,系统每30秒自动增加100币(coins)。

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