Guess ‘N’ Pass

Ever wanted to break out a fun party game at a friend’s house but didn’t bring it with you? Now you can with Guess ‘N’ Pass. It is a word and phrase guessing game that you can keep on you at all times as long as you have your iPhone or iPad with you.

This is a great game to play with a group of people. It will have you bursting out in laughter as you frantically think of ways to describe the word or phrase while you are racing against the clock.

The minimum number of people you need to play this is four. But the more the better! Break out into two teams around a circle so the device can be passed easily between players. Players should sit near an opposing team member. Decide which categories to play and start the game.

The player starting the game has to have their teammates guess the word or phrase by describing it without using any of the words that are displayed. Once they do, pass it to the other team and they will push the next button to bring up the next word or phrase and gameplay continues on like this until time runs out.

The team left holding the device loses that round and the other team scores a point. The other team can also score an extra point by guessing the word or phrase the losing team was trying to guess. But confer with your teammates because you only get one guess at it.

Team names can be edited in the settings menu or on the game screen when the timer is not running.

Score to win by can be changed from a range of 1 to 21 in the settings menu. 11 points is the default.

Scores are added or subtracted with the plus and minus buttons when the timer isn’t running.

The timer can be changed from 60, 90, or 120 seconds. 60 seconds is the default.

Most of all enjoy and have fun!

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