Guess My Friend

Are you able to guess quickly one of your facebook friends? Ask yes/no questions to your game mate. The first to find the good person wins! Two players game with pass & play mode.

★★★★★ “The most addictive social game!”
★★★★★ “It is the game of my childhood, and even better!”
★★★★★ “Once a time, my facebook friends are useful!”

Guess my friend is the new social game on the app store. You got your facebook friends pictures on your board. Your goal is to be the first to guess the card your friend chose. You ask questions to guess who is it. Your friend answers yes or no. The first player that guess his mysterious friend win the round! To discover with your friends and family.

Pass and play mode to play with one Iphone or Ipad
Displays your facebook friends pictures
Gradual difficulty : start playing with 8 cards and then increase cards number
You can play with the maximum number of cards : all your facebook friends
Two players scores at the end of each round

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