Guess mate

Imagine knowing the personal secrets of all the characters on the Guess Who board.

With Guess mate, you do, because it’s your mates on the board!

Go up against a buddy, and try to whittle down your mutual Facebook friends using all the years of personal knowledge you have at your disposal. If you can guess which of your mates they’ve selected before they guess yours, you win!

It goes like this…
Invite a Facebook friend to play and the game board fills up with 28 of your mutual mates (If you don’t have enough common friends, we’ll throw in a few for you).

Choose one friend from the board as your mate. The aim is to guess your opponents mate, before he guesses yours, by asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions.
Each time you get an answer, use it to eliminate people from the board until you work out exactly who your opposition’s mate is.

It’s personal, it’s revealing, and it’s very, very funny. Get guessing now!

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