GT Blackjack Online

This is the online multiplayer blackjack casino game. Once logon, you can play with a community of 1.3 million players around the world. Come and enjoy the fun to play with real person any time you want. You can also chat with other players on the table.

GT Blackjack is currently the #1 most downloaded multiplayer online game in BlackBerry App World! And it is free to download and play! Other popular free games are coming soon.

When registered for a new account, you get 2000 free chips. Each morning normal users are replenished with up to 1000 free chips if their balance is lower than 1000. GT Membership is guaranteed to get 3000 chips each day.

When playing GT Blackjack on your iPhone/iTouch, touching the screen will display the application menu and give you access to Personal Profile, Chat, GT World, Re-enter Game, About and Display Id/Balance functions. Game sound is off by default.

If you are unable to complete 3 rounds of play, most likely your device does not have a stable network connection. Please consult with your carrier for network settings for TCP connections. Note that network stability varies with location and time.

Gold Thumb: Where Finger Meets Finger

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