Grumpy Cat Escape Pro

Grumpy Escape Pro is a great game for all ages to pass time and challenge friends! Using the built in Game Center leaderboards, you can check your friend’s high scores and challenge them!

Grumpy Escape Pro has many features the lite version does not include.

Grumpy Escape Pro Features
– Added new high resolution images compatible with Retina Display
-Added in-game Grumpy Cash you earn depending on what level you get to when playing
-Added shop to spend Grumpy Cash. Buy things such as powerups (slow, shrink) or extra lives.
-Added smooth animations when switching between menus
-Added GameCenter leaderboards
-Added personal high score on home screen
-Added ability for application to save data between restarts
-Added 20 levels instead of 10
-Added eight second countdown timer to notify the player when Grumpy Cat will change speed
-Modified background to be more pleasing to the eye
-Modified player character to be more visible when controlling with finger
-Modified font to be more eye pleasing
-Modified application artwork
-Fixed Grumpy Cat not going off visible screen area when using a 3.5 inch device (iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S)
-General buxfixes

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