Grow Up

Grow Up! 並非一般的益智休閒類遊戲。跳脫出橫向式捲軸以及塔防遊戲既有的遊戲模式。


Grow Up! 象徵長大的意思,讓一顆小小的種籽在遊戲中植入人心,透過遊戲來宣導資源生態的重要性。

由於人類的過度開發,導致原本豐沛的自然資源逐漸耗竭,基於對自然環境的關懷,因此我們藉由這個議題,製作出「Grow up!」 這款遊戲,


Game description
“Grow Up!” is not an ordinary action-puzzle casual game, it exceeds the typical form of both side-scrolling game and tower defense game. In this game, we offer three player roles, each possesses unique attack skills and action modes to offer players with awesome experience and pleasure while playing.

The game plot helps players to appreciate the harmonious coexistence of mankind and nature. In the game, player must help the nature to resist the intrusion of mankind by collecting a wide range of nutrients for “the world tree”. Then “the world tree” will grow healthily to nurture the forest guardians ~ the Elves .

“Grow Up!” symbolizes a meaning of “the Growth of the Nature” and aims to implant a seed in players’ mind by playing this game for to advocate the importance of protecting ecological environment.

The origin of the game

The excessive demand of mankind leads to an over-exploitation of natural resources and generates significant increases in volumes of waste. “Grow up!” is exactly the game created under a purpose to evoke cares for our natural environment. Without stereotyped preaching and intimidation of survival crisis, “Grow up!” find its own way to share the faith with players and to reward with graphic illustration of the natural sceneries and mysteries.

Game features

The game roles are varied in their ways of movement, such as: the Bear walks, the Blue Magpie flies, and the Civet Cats crawls. Players can choose their own favorite character, and use four control buttons to manipulate effectively their characters to move, jump, and attack. Every game role is capable to do both remote attack and near attack. These attack modes are associated with individual attribute value of each individual role and to performance differently. One of unique features of “Grow Up!” is the remote attack. The remote attacks of seeds can efficiently decrease the powers of antagonist roles, or to grow the pitaya flower at anywhere the seed dropped to defense against enemies.

“Grow Up!” guarantees that you can enjoy the artistic illustration while immersing yourself in playing it.

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