Grow Legends

Let us give you a garden together with some magical pots!
Guess what will grow out of them?

Grow as many kinds of flowers – please forgive us for insisting on calling everything that grows out of the pots flowers, even the apples – as possible to decorate a beautiful garden.
Take pictures and share with all your friends.

Life lovers like you will definitely enjoy this game.
Don’t wait! Get some pots and GROW LEGENDS!

*iOS6 USERS PLEASE NOTE: If you can’t save a photo to your camera roll, go to Settings>Privacy>Photos>Grow Legends and make sure that Grow Legends turned to ON.

– Take good care of your flowers: regularly water and fertilize them and don’t forget to kill insects.
– Fill up your album with different kinds of flowers.
– Wow, flowers will drop coins and even diamonds. Pick them all up.
– Mutate flowers to get more surprises. (Some of them can mutate into Legends!)
– 100+ kinds of flowers designed, 40 available in the current version.
– 100+ trophies prepared, 63 available in the current version.
– More designs of pots coming up.
– Arrange your pots on the shelves like moving apps on your iPhone/iPad.
– Take pictures and share with friends on Facebook and Twitter.
– 3 leaderboards in Game Center.
– Regularly updated achievements in Game Center.
– Retina display support for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and the new iPad.
– No fussing, no fighting, no competition. Take your time to grow legends and think about life.
– Frequent updates, we promise :)

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