Grim Reaper

Once an immortal is accepted among the ancient grims there is no way back, given the status of a Grim Reaper your mission is to collect the lost souls for eternity!


– Experience a captivating and simple gameplay with different control schemes
– Enjoy one of the best graphics developed for a mobile device
– Different game difficulty modes
– Challenging gameplay
– Enjoy a dynamic combat system
– Listen to your own music while playing
– Auto-save at the current level
– High Scores (local)
– Open Feint support (leader-boards, achievements, forums & chat, etc.)

Game play:

Follow the path of a Grim Reaper and get ready to:

– Clean the land of undead plague
– Drive the demons where they belong
– Exterminate all monsters and gather their souls for purgatory
– Search for the lost souls
– Crush your enemies with 10 melee and ranged weapons
– Upgrade your arsenal
– Meet new foes
And much, much more …

Recommended for all fans of action and hack ’n slash games.

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