Grid Race

Based on a popular vector drawing game, this race is not about being fast, but being smart. Steer your kart safely through varying race tracks and figure out the shortest routes.

– twenty pre-constructed race tracks, plus customizable random track generator
– three sceneries: Go-kart Track, Desert Rally and Virtual Grid
– good A.I. opponents
– two different game modes: Race and Time Attack

You control your kart by selecting its destination points on a two-dimensional grid. The available locations of these points are dependent on your previous moves and determined using a simple vector technique. You can play in two modes: a Race mode, where the goal is just to be the first at the finish line, or a Time Attack mode, where you need to figure out the fastest and shortest path through a race track. Besides twenty pre-constructed tracks, the game offers a random track generator, thus providing practically countless challenges.

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