How many times have you wished you had an app that will keep you entertaind and could do the same for your kids. You might ask how do we know it will keep kids entertained? Well it’s easy, kids love animals and fun games.

Little story:

One day at a restaurant 2 kids were jumping around and running all over the place. The mother and father had a look on there face like they had no way of stoping the kids. We called the kids over and asked them if they wanted to play a game. The kids wanted to play the turtle mini game. When they started to play they did not want to stop and the parents had to download the game. They told us that nothing they have tried has got them to stop running around. They thanked us.

What is the game about?

GreenPleco contains one full game and a series of three mini-games, each of which features a lovable animal helping to rehabilitate the environment. By combining fast-paced action with memorable characters such as The Sucker Fish, Hoppy Chow, Claudia the Crab, and Gemma the Turtle, the game appeals to both adults and children alike.
Help GreenPleco “The Sucker Fish” on this extremely fun mission to save the river from pollution. Push the ball up the river and plug the pipes that are contaminating the water. Have fun with your cool power ups and get the trash out of the river. Upon completing this challenging adventure you will unlock expert mode that will fill your senses with adrenaline. Join Hoppy Chow exciting journey to save the baby puppy’s and reunite with Ms. Hoppy Chow. Then join Claudia the Crab exhilarating high speed mission to save her crab friends from the massive water wave. Finally with Gemma the Turtle, you will have to think fast and use your lightning quick fingers to finish this brain challenging mission; With Gemma the turtle recycling has never been so addictively fun. Let’s help the animals one download at a time. For every GreenPleco game purchase, GreenPleco will donate 100% of the sales to non profit organizations that care for animals and the environment.

And yes, you get to build up your barn. How cool is that!

Runs best on:
iPhone 3G or newer
iPod touch 4th Generation or newer
iPad 2 or newer

Try it out today!

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