Greenery Ball HD Lite

Greenery Ball HD Lite is a casual rolling-ball game, for supporting force of gravity.

By shaking iPad, you can roll the ball to the goal hole, and then you win the game.

There are 80 levels for charge version and 30 levels for free version. Meanwhile, if you wanna get more levels in the free version, you can get them in In-App Purchases.

In the game, a lot of obstacles may keep the ball from getting into goal hole, such as, obstructive hole, lightning, laser, fireball, fog, slide, mire, nail, etc.

Obstructive hole: dropping into the hole will restart the game.

Lightning: touching the lighting will fire the ball.

Laser: touching the laser will explode the ball.

Fireball: touching the fireball will explode the ball. However, if the fireball touches the wall, it will be disappeared automatically.

Fog: getting into the fog may come across some obstructive holes.

Slide: speeding up the ball towards the direction of arrow.

Mire: getting into the mire will slow down the ball.

Nail: touching the nail will restart the game.

Why hesitate? Come and experience by yourself !

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