Great Faces

During the exciting puzzle game “Great Faces of the World” you will discover the face of great people that have had a huge impact on human development.
You can get to know their names and who they were.
Emperors and philosophers, actors, generals, scientists and writers – their faces were fascinating characters gameplay.

When starting the game the user is laid out a set down tiles, which are hidden behind a pair of face images of the great men of the past. The user must click on any pair of cards, with the card flips, showing the face on the reverse side. If a pair of face cards match, the cards are still open on the screen and the account is added to the total of 200 points to the score. If a pair of cards is incorrect, the score is reduced 50 points out of the total accounts and cards are turned over to the closed state. If all cards are visible on the screen, the level ends. The number of levels is not limited.
If the total score is equal to zero, the game ends with the defeat of the player.

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