Gravity Ship

An addictive space navigation game where you must guide your ship to an escape wormhole while
passing through a field of planets and asteroids that influence your speed and direction.
Collect power-ups along the way for additional points so you get that perfect score.

Gravity Ship is a very easy to learn game and it has well-balanced difficulty settings for that extra experience.
Play the initial 4 levels for free, if you like the game you can buy an additional pack of 12 levels through in-app purchase.

It comes packed with:
– Real gravitational forces acting on your ship
– Collect power-ups along the way for additional points
– Beautiful graphics
– Balanced gameplay for a rewarding experience
– Easy to get started, little to no learning curve required
– 4 free levels for you to try your skills
– 12 additional levels available via in-app purchase
– Runs on both your iPad and iPhone

Have a blast ;)

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