Gravity Guy 2

Gravity Guy 2 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Gravity Guy 2 Review

From the title, you might assume that Gravity Guy 2 is about gravity, especially if you’ve played the original Gravity Guy. Instead, this sequel is about lifting floors and creating an escape route for the heroic and titular Gravity Guy. Unfortunately, the hero will never actually escape. This is an endless runner, and your best hope is to collect coins and buy power-ups to make your next run even better than your last.

You wouldn’t know it, but there is a story here. Since the last Gravity Guy game, the hero has been captured by aliens and taken to their ship. Gravity Guy has been cloned by the aliens, and each run you make is the attempt of a new clone to escape.


The gameplay isn’t all that different from other runners. You run across platforms, jump gaps, and avoid obstacles. The trick here is that Gravity Guy can lift the platforms to meet him. With a simple tap of an onscreen button, the platform will move at your command. It sounds like it makes the game that much easier, but there is still a challenge. If you can make Gravity Guy’s movements as smooth as possible, his running speed will increase, causing the next obstacle to race towards you. Gravity Guy can also perform a midair boost, allowing him to barely miss otherwise deadly obstacles or collect just a few extra coins.

Coins can be used for in-game purchases. These purchases can net you additional abilities, often increasing the number of coins you can collect. Using these power-ups will cost you each round, but, once you’re further into the game, you’ll be able to use power-ups together.


You can also purchase additional characters. Not only do these additional characters give your hero a different look, they also come with other power-ups. These characters cost some serious coinage, so purchase wisely.

To keep you playing, the game offers objectives you can complete to gain experience points. These missions usually include collecting a large number of coins or running a certain distance. You’re given three missions at once, and completing all three increases your character’s experience. Increased experience gives you more coins or additional slots for power-ups.

Gravity Guy 2 offers a unique gaming experience that alters the traditional platformer, but the game sometimes feels stale. The route your hero runs starts to feel overly familiar, with obstacles placed in the exact location you found them the last time. Also, since the power-ups are expensive and only good for one use, this game often costs more than you can afford.