GraviTire 3D

Tire with gravity engine… Is it fun? No. IT IS SUPER FUN!


GraviTire 3D is an attractive game to enjoy spending time on controlling a tire. Gamers love GraviTire 3D as it provides mental stimulation and friendly competition among friends. As GraviTire 3D uses procedural generated levels the universe changes with every game and you’ll never race the exact same course twice. That is why GraviTire 3D is new to players and the wonder makes them play the game again and again. The game will never lose its ability to engage people. People who like competing will also like GraviTire 3D as the game gives the opportunity to play tire racing game and compete against other players.


Please uninstall “GraviTrie 3D Lite” before install “GraviTire 3D”.



QUESTION: What happens when touching the screen?

ANSWER: When touching the screen gravity engine of the tire turns on, that is to say, the tire gets under the influence of surplus gravitation forse.

RESULT: As a result the tire speed rises if the tire is rolling downhill or declines if the tire goes uphill.

CONCLUSION: Hit the gas (touch the screen) only when rolling downhill !


“Great Racing Game!!! Hidden Gem!!!” — by PsychDoc
“I took a chance on this and once i got the hand of it I was hooked. It uses Tiny Wings mechanics and works really well. There is a wonderful sense of speed and the AI is pretty tough. I have only beaten it once so far. Tons of levels and I can’t wait to try multiplayer.”

“Excelent!” — by Iamtankist
“Multiplayer mode stopped work in our office. Lots of fun!!!”

“GraviTire is great!” — by Bagemin
“One of the best multiplayer games to play in Game Center! Loved it! Highly recomend!”


— One touch gameplay
— The universe is changing every time. Procedural generated level. Even if you play twice the same level, it will not be the same.
— You’ve also an opportunity to play GraviTire 3D both via Game Center and via Facebook.
— Retina display.
— And many more things to try!

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