Graveyard Shift

Universal Rating: 12+

Graveyard Shift is a game from PunBros Games, originally released 29th July, 2010


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Graveyard Shift Review

You’ve seen plenty of tower destruction games on the App Store, but have you seen one with a crazy ragdoll skeleton doing the limbic funk? We’ve got our money on no. Graveyard Shift is an impressive game, at least on the iPhone.

In the same style as tower destruction games like Saving Private Sheep, in Graveyard Shift you must drop an item onto the goal. In this case, the skeleton must end up inside or covered by the coffin.

The level design is well thought-out in Graveyard Shift. Some levels are straightforward, and others require you to break blocks and detonate bomb blocks at just the right moment in order to nudge the skeleton and topple it over into the coffin. Other elements introduced along the way include blocks on hinges, indestructible blocks, and blocks that only disappear when they collide with another of the same color.

Easily the most interesting part of Graveyard Shift’s gameplay are the ragdoll physics, which seem to be spot-on. These, coupled with hilarious expressions on the ragdoll’s face, make for a lot of personality and add a unique twist to the game.

Tap your head and rub your belly.

After playing through the game’s 30 levels, completionists will be happy to know that there are two goals to achieve: minimum number of blocks destroyed and fastest time. This added value should also make the mid-range price easier to stomach for those on a tight budget.

On the iPhone, Graveyard Shift looks beautiful, with crisp textures and lots of flair like large explosions. If you have an iPhone 4, the game is optimized for the Retina display as well.

However, despite being universal, the graphics on the iPad look like they’re pixel-doubled. This can be a bit of an eyesore, especially when you’re expecting native graphics. There are also two ugly block bars on either side of the screen, which leads us to believe that this version of the game was tacked on at the last second to get that universal tag.

If you aren’t going to be playing Graveyard Shift on the iPad, certainly take the bone-shattering plunge. At the very least, check out the lite version to get a free fix of ragdoll humor.