Graveyard Keeper

This is a quiet graveyard in which to keep the soul in rest in a solemn atmosphere.

When darkness falls and the souls floating in quietness start to swarm, as the soulkeeper, use your power to defend against the evil!

Graveyard keeper is a brand new combination elimination game for you to experience the feeling wholly different from other games!

You guard your graveyard by matching three or more game-pieces: combine three candles to make a coffin, three coffins to make a Small tombstone… until you’ve filled the board with candles, tombstone and obelisk…. Along the way, you’ll have to outwit zombies who will try to block your progress.

Features of game:

★First 3D combination game;

★Gorgeous pictures;

★Rich auxiliary props;

★Abundant cartoon and music;

★multi-class treasure chest lottery;

★Magical elf helpers help you quickly advance the unit level.

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