Graph Electric

Graph Electric is a game that depends on speed, puzzle-solving ability and memory. In order to solve the puzzle and make it on to the next level, you must recreate a line-based puzzle as fast as you can without going over an already placed line and without lifting your finger. For those of you who remember trying to draw a “barn” without lifting up the pencil, it’s exactly like that. It plays with our childish nostalgic but adds a hip electric edge with a techno/electronic beat playing in the background.

The puzzles’ difficulty escalates quickly as you blow through the levels. In the early levels, all you have to do is connect four pegs with four to six lines. Don’t get used to that. In the final levels of the game, you will be looking at around 15 pegs that you need to connect with roughly 25 lines. With most of these levels, there is only one solution. Unless you’re a puzzle master, you’re going to be trying each level numerous times. The best way to solve each level is through trial and error. You will start to find a rhythm when it comes to solving the levels. Once you master a level, there is still more time to be spent there. Speed is key. As you sit, starring at your iThingy trying to find your next move, the clock is ticking. With every moment that goes by, your score is dropping. Your score is based entirely on how fast you beat the puzzle. Once done, go back and try to beat your old score.

Graph Electric is a great game for those who enjoy a good puzzle. It is rather entertaining and provides some replay value. It can make a slight challenge for adults or be simple enough to entertain the young. If Graph Electric is the game you’ve been waiting for your whole life, get it and enjoy.

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