Granny’s cats

Play with HD version on Ipad for better experience !

The life of grandma’s goldfish is in danger! A troop of strange cats with surprising capacities would like to devour him…
But Grandmother and her impressive arsenal is decided well to repel the attack by dismembering, by massacring and by disintegrating all the invaders !

* Defend the fish by means of your favorite weapons
* Collect money to free new objects:

– 10 Weapons with their own capacities
– Explosive and paralysing Grenada
– 6 different maps
– 5 levels of difficulty
– An immediate private meeting with the bosses

* Connect to GameCenter to compare your frags with other players
* Push away the enemies every day to increase the difficulty and the rewards
* Face the mechanical Lord of cats by using all your resources…

Do you squeeze of size in front of golden cyborg?

Good luck, and get ready to live a nightmare !

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