Grandpa's Farm HD- A Story and Activity Book

“Grandpa’s Farm” is an interactive rhyming story for children with friendly animal characters.
The story is filled with exciting and educational games based on the story that children can enjoy for hours.
a) Spellings
b) Matching words
c) Peekaboo
d) Matching shadows
e) Identity Animal sounds
and many more .

Something is wrong at the farm and Grandpa and grandma are very upset!
The animals are behaving very strangely.
The dog is eating flies and the bunny is trying to fly!
The rooster is asleep and the cow is saying meow!
Grandpa and grandma need your help.
Help them feed the animals and put them in the correct home.
Give every animal it’s correct sound and match the animals with their mothers.
Enjoy the story and the games and put a smile back to grandpa’s face!

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