Grand Car town Workshop – Amazing Auto salon time management game to fix wheels, repair, refuel & wash

Perform several jobs as mechanic to fire up more cars and turn your auto service center in to a global Grand car town in an exciting time management game!

Hello Car lovers! There is a car saloon opened up in your neighborhood in Arizona and you get your cars tuned up now!

Take on the challenge of owning the car workshop and wear a hat of a mechanic to keep your customers happy by giving their amazing beautiful cars the service they need but remember to be quick and fast. Be an excellent manager to make sure that your customers do not get angry and fix their cars in time. Work hard and open up a franchise in San Francisco in the coming updates!

Added a GANGNAM style on the completion of the job to keep your customers happy and amazed.

Believe that you can offer the best and fastest car servicing in town and give your best to boost up your business and get your certified ratings that will help you see more cars roll into your shop, and more money roll into your account!

Can your experienced mechanical mindset meet the demand and live up to their reputation? Time to play and have fun for kids, boys and everyone!

Tutorial helps you know the game play very well. Cars coming in to get fixed and want service either
1.Tune up the car
2.Car wash
3.Wheels change
4.Refueling of Petrol

- Excellent game balance, even more exciting and challenging!
- Addictive time-management gameplay that gets more involving as you progress
- Amazing car workshop with unique art style
- 4 different lines and 4 services to perform
- Unique new san Francisco franchise coming soon!
- Install and upgrade things from store to boost your salon’s productivity
- Complete various jobs to acquire bonuses
- Upgrade your ramps and unlock service center

whether its Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Porche, BMW or Merc this workshop can fix any car any time! This game includes virtually cartoon style every sports car for you to enjoy.

. Misc
- If the game runs slow on your phone or you need other features in the game write to us at

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