Grabby Crabby

Oh no! Evil pirates have taken PinPincha’s father hostage, and you are the only one who can help save him!

So, follow the trail of coins falling from the pirate ship he has left for PinPincha, but make sure he catches all of them. Anything he doesn’t catch will only slow him down. But do not let this overwhelm you – you are not alone. Fulfill missions and recruit powerful crabs into your team – only then can you help PinPincha defeat the evil pirates and save his father.

Grabby Crabby will keep you engaged as you journey into the deep seas of challenging and addictive missions that will require strategy, skill, and determination to finally reunite PinPincha and his father.

• 5 lovable characters with powerful and unique abilities to recruit into PinPincha’s team
• Stunning artwork for the backgrounds for each level
• 3 challenging but addictive missions to fulfill to acquire each new crab
• Simple and engaging storyline in rescuing PinPincha’s father from the evil pirates
• Alternate surprising endings depending on how you finish the game

Are you brave enough to help PinPincha find his father? Play Grabby Crabby now!

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