Family adventures are currently available in or around:
-Atlanta, Georgia
-Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, North Carolina

GPTrex adventures give your family more to explore at cultural and tourism destinations nationwide. This growing collection of interactive stories, adventures and scavenger hunts will add new excitement to your family outings! It’s perfect for family vacations and stay-cations!

The GPTrex iPhone app is designed by parents and educators specifically for families with children 8-12 years old. It uses the iPhone’s GPS and compass to help families get outside to participate in interactive, real-world adventures at some of their favorite venues – museums, zoos, parks, and more!

★ Playing is as easy as 1-2-3-4! ★

✔ STEP 1: Download the FREE app
This app is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, and iPad 3G. The GPTrex app is specially designed to load fast and run light. This means no large initial download and no data-hogging video streams. It runs on any Internet connection – EDGE, 3G or WiFi.

✔ STEP 2: Find adventures at nearby venues
The main menu uses your GPS to automatically find and display nearby adventures. Some are free, some may be purchased with in-app purchases. You can also choose to continue previous adventures.

✔ STEP 3: Have an adventure!
Choose from a range of interactive stories, adventures and scavenger hunts at nearby venues. Please note that an additional admission charge may be required at some venues. Each location-based activity will give your family more to explore at your own pace!

✔ STEP 4: Earn points and share your success
Families may choose to opt-in to an online ranking, which recognizes the most adventuresome families! Families may also choose to share their adventures on Facebook. Both features are optional.

New family-friendly adventures are being added regularly. GPTrex is founded and owned by families and educators, so we welcome your input. If you have an idea for an adventure or would like to create GPTrex adventures for your venue, visit!

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