GOZOA in Space

Intergalactic arcade math game, which helps kids, aged 6–14 to train number recognition, addition, subtraction and multiplication skills in a fun, effective and challenging way. It is easy to play – all you have to do is to tilt the iPad or smartphone so GOZOA can fly to the right number, results, coins and power-ups, but watch out for the asteroids and the Villain along the way…

GOZOA needs your help! He is flying through the universe in a cool spaceship and your job is to help him explore 30 different planets as you solve math problems and earn points along the way.

You can choose between arcade and story mode. In arcade mode, you get to choose the math problem yourself and earn points depending on how long you stay alive. Story mode has the same challenges but the problems vary along the way and you have to fly from one planet to the next, as the game gets more difficult the further you advance. You move through different levels, which motivates you to keep playing and learn.

The game uses an accelerometer and you control the GOZOA spaceship simply by tilting the iPad or smartphone.

Playing the game involves gathering the correct numbers, gold coins and power-ups (petrol, speed, time and shields) and avoiding the obstacles. You have to think fast and calculate quickly because things move at high speed when GOZOA fly through space. The point is to advance as far as possible in an endless game world while solving math problems without running out of fuel or destroying your spaceship and die – all of which requires you to steer around the different intergalactic dangers.

Power-ups help you to advance further because the game becomes increasingly difficult. The longer you keep the figure alive, the faster the spaceship flies.

• Can be used for children aged 6–14 – differing degrees of difficulty
• Several degrees of difficulty from individual numbers to addition, subtraction and multiplication problems up to the number 100 and timed.
• Fast and engaging arcade game with fun music to maximise the “intergalactic excitement”.
• Rewards in the form of high scores, stars and upgrades.
• Intergalactic graphics and animations.
• Timed challenges.
• Help guide and tips along the way.
• You earn stars depending on how well you do.

• This app works on iPad and iPhone, but not iPad 1.
• No extra purchases, the full price is DKK 7.
• This app contains no advertisements or external links.
• This app does not report any user data. All data will be stored in the device.

If you have any comments, criticism or praise, please feel welcome to write to info@gozoa.dk.

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