Gopher Go Boom

appSafari: “Gopher Go Boom is a simple game with a fun idea for us demented players with a vendetta against gophers.”

We have a gopher problem in our garden. Gophers love to eat all our yummy carrots. What if we could blow up all the gophers in our garden?

Gopher Go Boom challenges you to blow up these pesky 3D gophers in a variety of challenging marble labyrinth mazes. Stop the gophers in their tracks before they eat all of your carrots! There are plenty of explosions to be had!

There are 18 levels that use the tilt control of your iPhone/iPod/iPad to roll your bomb around each maze, wiggle around exploding flowers, blow up gophers, and protect your garden’s carrots.

You tilt your iPhone/iPod/iPad in the direction you want to move your bomb in. The levels start out with simple mazes and a few gophers. The levels increase in scale and challenge with the addition of more gophers and exploding barriers. With some exploding flowers and flower pots, you start the maze all over again. You have to be quick to blow up all the gophers before they eat all of our carrots.

In addition to the mazes, we have six bonus levels including gopher billiards, snooker, shooting, and ricochet shooting levels.

Features of Gopher Go Boom:

* Swarms of pesky 3D gophers
* Plenty of explosions
* Highly responsive tilt control
* Realistic physics game play
* 18 levels that range from easy to challenging
* Exploding gophers
* Six bonus levels – gopher billiards, snooker, shooting, and ricochet shooting levels
* Saving your scores for completed levels
* Music by Kevin MacLeod
* Did we mention exploding gophers?

The Gopher Go Boom trailer is @

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Please let us know what you love or we can improve about Gopher Go Boom. We aim to improve the playability in our updates. We love your feedback.

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