GoodNight Jump

Cute characters, stylish stages, and killer items, say hello to GoodNight Jump!
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★★★★★ User rating ★★★★★
♥ Adorable!! This game keeps me so entertained for hours. Plus it has really cute little animals! – Angela McDaniel
♡ So cute! This is so much better than doodle jump! It’s cool how you can unlock things and have new characters! I played this game all the time! :D – Kyungri Hyuna
♥ I love it! I am so addicted to this game. The animals are adorable and I love collecting stats and trying to beat my previous record. It’s one of the cutest and most awesome games I’ve ever played :D – Yohee_cassielf
♡ Amazing! I love this game cute characters, back rounds, everything 5 stars! – FrostBite0213


Game play essentially involves making some adorable animal characters in a fantastic fantasy world jump higher and further than ever before. What makes it different than other games? What makes it more fun? Its carefully engineered systems and worlds do.


◀ Key features ▶

★ Unlock new characters and worlds by collecting stars. Use the new characters in the new worlds as playing experience expands exponentially.

★ Time zone system actively changes the colors and dynamics of the game. Enter a new world in an entirely different zone for an entirely new experience.

★ The higher you go, the more difficult it becomes. Your jumping skills will really be put to the test.

★ Awesome items and sounds are the game’s bread and butter.

★ Pastel colors and a pastel background bring out the fantasy in everyone, as they navigate their cute animal characters through these fantastic worlds.

★ Break new records! You can compete with your friends and register new records via Game Center.

★ Unlock hidden achievements! There are heaps of easter eggs in GoodNight Jump. Find them to collect cool badges and establish your cred.

★ User generated rainbow platforms whisk you away from danger in a clutch.

◀ Key functions ▶

☆ You can select four worlds and five characters.

☆ You can purchase locked worlds and characters with super stars, to help you advance stages.

☆ You can create a rainbow platform by using stars that you got during game play. The rainbow platform can also be used to attack monsters.

☆ You will find a variety of different game items.

☆ Platforms come in many varieties as well, like those fixed, moving, temporary, small, or large.

☆ Every world has its own monsters.

☆ Time zone system changes background of game to night or day in accordance with the time set in your device.

☆ Record breaking events enable a player to move to new stage when setting new record.

☆ Achievement system awards players reaching certain goals.

☆ You can compete with friends anytime to record a higher ranking by connecting to Game Center.

◀ How to play ▶
1) Move your character by tilting the screen right or left
2) Touch the screen to create a rainbow platform. The rainbow platform costs you a general star but provides your character with a place of sure footing.
3) Click the button at the top left of screen to pause your game or return to the menu.

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