Gondal 10 Blue Diamonds Free

Gondal, one of the most popular browser games in the european market, now opens it’s gates internationally.
You roam the world of Gondal as a courageous hero mastering quests, defeating other players in the arena and earning gold or experience during errands.
Be careful and always keep your equipment up to date and constantly increase your skill points, otherwise you won’t rise up to the top.
In contrast to other iPhone games, you are confronted with tasks, that take some minutes to master. Upon completion you will be immediately notified by ‘Push message’.
So Gondal is easily played on the go, because you don’t have to be logged in all the time.

– MMO fantasy game for iPhone and iPod Touch
– Fight against other real players
– Strengthen your characters attributes with skill points and equipment
– Earn gold and experience by running errands, even if you are not actively playing
– Master numerous quests
– Collect achievments

– 10 additional Blue Diamonds included for free

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