Universal Game Center Rating: 9+

GOL:Legend is a game from D&D Dream Corp., originally released 26th May, 2013


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GOL:Legend Review

From the very beginning, GOL:Legend is a mystery. The first question any player might have is the meaning of the title. GOL is certainly an acronym for something, but we never find out what. This only sets the tone for the rest of the game, in which you must try your best to figure out what to do. From there, the uncertainty and mystery grow to frustrating heights.

Essentially, GOL:Legend is a collection of mini-games, all strung together to feel like varying levels of an action game. You begin as a knight, who is trying to rescue a princess. Each stage starts with you entering from the left of the screen and trying to exit from the right, but there is always an obstacle in your way.


Your only method of controlling this knight is to touch the screen. Sometimes you’ll need to tap, other times you’ll need to tap and hold. The action you are controlling changes with each level. Your first challenge is be to raise your shield against dragon fire. The knight will walk automatically, unless you tap the screen to crouch and defend yourself. In other levels, tapping the screen will cause your knight to jump, swing his sword, or even urinate.

The challenge is that you’ll never know what is coming next until you face it head-on, often with fatal results. There is no game over, so you can play for hours until you finally tap at the right time and complete the level. Every time you die, you start at the beginning of that same screen, but you will certainly get frustrated with the game’s lack of guidance and cheap shots. Some stages take a dozen attempts before you even figure out what to do, and other levels only appear straightforward. Be careful, because it’s likely that a rolling boulder or zombie knight will jump out of nowhere and kill you.


While playing, you need to collect gold coins. These are the in-game currency, which can be used to unlock all of the game’s three episodes or additional characters. While this has become a standard for a certain type of game, GOL:Legend really makes it tough. You may earn a handful of gold coins while playing, but they’re never really enough to buy anything. Since the levels are straightforward once you’ve figured them out, the enjoyment of replaying the game to collect gold coins is practically nonexistent. Of course, you can just spend actual cash to buy the extra levels.

GOL:Legend is an interesting idea and certainly seems perfect for on-the-go gaming. Unfortunately, this game has a high learning curve and is for a very specific type of gamer really looking for a challenge, not those looking to casually spend a few minutes while on break. Also, since the game barely explains anything about how to play, you’ll need to be the type of player looking to discover everything.