Game Background:
In Japan, throughout the whole country held “Summer festival” activities during the summer time. And scooping the goldfish is well known as one of the indispensable entertainments for the youths. This game is a simulation of the Japanese “goldfish-scooping” scenarios, so that you can feel Japan’s customs even if you are not in Japan!

Game Introduction:
In this game, you gonna use your iphone / ipod touch as the simulant tool for scooping the goldfish. You can get the fishing entertainment effects by imitating the scooping movements such as sloping your iphone / ipod touch to the right/left or moving it up/down or etc.
We need to remind you that follow the traditional rules of this Japanese game, the scooping net (Called Poyi in Japanese) we prepared for you is also made of paper in order to increase the difficulty. So, what do you say, ready to take a challenge?!

Application Specification:
The “goldfish-scooping” game is accomplished by imitating the scooping actions with changing the tilt angle of your iphone / ipod touch.
Here we name the paper net on the top of the scooping tool Poyi.

How to Play:
1. The game starts when displays.
2. 4 Poyis are prepared for you within the limited 3 minutes.
3. Hold the iphone / ipod touch; use your finger to slide the screen in order to control the movement of the Poyi.
4. When your iphone / ipod touch is downward-sloping, the scooping tool will be moved forward along the pond until it reaches the bottom.
5. When you left and right tilt your iphone / ipod touch, the scooping tool will be tilted to the same direction; meanwhile, the screen centers will also be moved.
6. You can slide the scooping tool to the target direction by moving the handle of it.
7. You can choose to be offensive to catch the goldfish by moving the Poyi or you can just sit-and-wait for the goldfish himself to swim in it.
8. Once you catch the goldfish, tilt the Poyi as soon as possible, the goldfish will be put into the bowl aside automatically.
9. Sometimes because of staying too long in the paper net, the goldfish you caught will escape from the broken Poyi.
10. In each game, you will have 4 Poyis maximum.

Catch as much as possible in a limited period of time!
The game will be upgraded when you catch 30 goldfish!
There are more hidden secrets for you to discover here!
The simulated training for scooping the goldfish in leisure time!
With the same rule applied in Japan’s national goldfish fishing selective trials, 3 minutes limit!



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