goldfish scooping stall

Enjoy the festival in Japan.

[How To Play]

1.Touch a “Poi” which is a special to put it in the water.

2.Drag the “Poi” to move.

3.To scoop the Goldfish, stop touching the screen.

4.You can sell the Goldfishes you’re got at “SHOP”.

5.Money you can get from selling Goldfishes can be used to buy a new “Poi”, to strengther, or to unlock the hidden fish.

6.You’ll get one “Poi” per 5min in playing, or per hour in not playing.
(Maximum number is 9.)

7.In the bottom of the screen, ther is a bar shows you the staying power of the “Poi”.
It’ll decrease while the “Poi” is in the water and scooping Goldfish.
When it becomes 0, you’ll lose one “Poi”.

8.In Competition mode, you can compete how many Goldfish you’d get with 5″Poi” in online ranking.

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