Goldfish Gulp

Goldfish Gulp is a game about the underwater perils of a goldfish cracker that develops an appetite to eat anything that moves. You control the swimming movement of a goldfish to chase food objects for points. Your objective is to position the fish’s mouth over moving objects in order to gulp them, while underwater currents affect the edible objects.

You see there was this Genie that lost his lamp, and so the Goldfish gives him a can of cheese to live in. For this act of kindness, the Genie turns the Goldfish from a cracker into a fish that won’t dissolve. And what an appetite this causes now that the goldfish can swim without falling apart.

Amongst the objects to eat are cartoon-like worms, snails, atomic pills, and more. Their best defense seems to be hiding in yellow submarines–you decide if this is a good idea. When objects are gulped, there is always a kickback reaction that changes the fish’s position and direction of travel, adding to the fun.

– Simple and intuitive controls
– Basic and Advanced mode settings
– Audio sound effects

Four controls are used to play this game…
PROPELLER BUTTON: to accelerate existing fish motion;
STOP BUTTON: to halt all fish motion at that instance;
TILTING DEVICE: accelerometer used to start & turn objects;
CAN OF CHEESE BUTTON: to squirt-out edible objects;

Goldfish Gulp is designed as if you hold the entire ocean in your hand, you can turn and move objects in the game by tilting your mobile device. In addition, there are two other important game controls (propeller and stop buttons) to move the fish. This amazingly simple control interface provides an intriguing and fun manipulation for the many challenges in the game.

Goldfish Gulp is rated ‘Fun For All Ages’. Featuring animated objects and inspiring visual effects in different underwater arenas. Don’t ignore the atomic pills, they have a weird effect if you eat too many.

There are eleven action-packed levels. In-game application settings include a ‘Basic’ or ‘Advanced’ mode selector. In advanced mode, the same game level will play differently each time you go through it. The sides will bounce objects or magnetically attract them, causing you to change your tactics accordingly.

So the next time you want something fun to do, simply press the Goldfish Gulp icon. Everyone will like this game. Ready to score more points? Then squirt that can of cheese!

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