Gold Miner Ultimate

Gold Miner Ultimate is a very interesting game. Let’s go with old man in the game to looking for the treasure under the ground.

Each level is a new discovery. Task of players must grab Gold, Diamond with accurate predictions and subtle feeling together to the next level. Task is more difficult than by the pigs run around lovely however it’s quite annoying.

What happens if you rob others’ gold? It is very amazing! Online Fight with the global “Gold Robbers” to protect your digged treasure in Challenge Mode. Surprising! And extremely attractive!

Gold miner ultimate is the best game to relax !


1. Nice image with full support for rentina display
2. The last play is limitless, Increasingly difficult; accept the challenge in Classic Mode !
3. Online mode with Game Center in real time.
4. Two players at Local Networking ( Bluetooth and wireless ).
5. Entertainment for all ages.

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